BIPV (Building Integrated Photovoltaics)

BIPV systems are building integrated photovoltaics that not only produce electricity, but they also improve the thermal and acoustic insulation of the building too. Combining the shapes, photovoltaic cells, color options and types of glass, you can use BIPV’s to design a unique, modern and creative Facade for your building that’s also environmentally friendly. The different light transmittance levels of our solar panel systems means that you can combine transparent and opaque panels in the same Facade to produce an original looking design effect on your building. We use the Kunther Solar Technique to install the BIPV systems. The profiles and channels built in to the BIPV systems mean that all cables have to be neatly installed behind the panels, we pay careful attention to where and how the cables are going to be placed during the design and production phases, to make sure your BIPV system works perfectly and looks amazing.