Skylight Systems

These are ideal for rooms or areas that don’t get access to natural light. Our system helps you remove all the negative effects of sunlight whilst still providing filtered, natural light. We’ve designed the Skylight systems to prevent the heat loss traditionally associated with overhead windows, by using a special blend of aluminum, polycarbonate and double glazing safety glass.

Aluminium Railings and Balustrade Systems

Aluminum balustrade and handrail systems are used in the entrances of multi-story buildings, terraces, balconies or landings for safety and security purposes. We produce these to be both incredibly strong, and visually striking. These systems can be decorated using coloration or anodization in accordance with the design scheme of your building. They’re sent to your building prepacked, ready to quickly install without affecting or damaging the rest of the building.

Aluminium Louver Systems

Louver systems are the ideal solution for environments that require continuous air conditioning. They are custom produced according to scale and budget and with the style and functionality of your overall project in mind.

Canopy Systems

Canopy systems are used for protection against rain,solar effects, for direction of daylight and as shelter besides creating different facade design solutions.