Structural Silicone Aluminium Curtain Wall

Using this unique holding hardware and thinner glass sections creates a seamless glass fronted finish to your building that is more economical than traditional glass fronts. The width and depth of joint gaps between glass panels is completely bespoke based on the architectural requirements of your specific building. You can choose from either silicon or specialist gaskets to seal these gaps, as well as the addition of concealed vents. At every stage of the installation, this system is tested for air and water permeability as well as resistance to wind force load.

Classic Capped Aluminium Curtain Wall

To produce the market leading classical capped aluminum curtain wall system, we use vertical profiles which have special channels built into them to waterproof the installation by removing condensation. Classical capped aluminum curtain wall systems can be reinforced with steel as required, as well as have concealed vents added.

Half-Capped Aluminium Curtain Wall

In this system, the cover plates can be used either horizontally or vertically and secured by silicon or gasket. The combination of these two types of Facade is called a half-capped curtain wall system. This combination has all the advantages of the other curtain wall system types and still provides the sophisticated design aesthetic our clients require.

Aluminum Unitized Curtain Wall

The Unitized Curtain Wall system is ideal for a quick installation, and it’s possible to create outward opposite transom windows and outward parallel opening windows for both capped and silicon facades using it. Vertical and horizontal designs can be aligned using this system, so it’s possible to create your own bespoke effect. It’s also compatible with sunshade and BIPV photovoltaic systems.

Transparent Facade

To improve the appearance of the transparent Facade system, we only use glass and stainless steel components instead of aluminum.